Reasons to join Vetri

*Our Institution arrange SCHOLARSHIP to students. They can pay their fees by that scholarship amount. Students no need to burden parents for fees.

*Our Institution reduce the Bus ticket charge from fees amount.

*Abroad training will provide to students while studying with stipend amount range from Rs15000-Rs18000. Abroad Training will be given on countries like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Qatar, Thailand, Mauritius.

*Training can arrange on India with Stipend amount from Rs 5000 – Rs 8000.

*Student can pay their fee from Training stipend amount.

*Public Exam failure students can get training from us and rewrite and pass the examination.

*Industrial Visit will arrange for Students in Star Hotels to broad their practical knowledge.

*Passport will arrange for Students through College.

*Uniform, College Bag, Shoe, Socks, Belt, Tie, Chef Coat, Notebooks, and lunch are providing FREE for Student.

*After the completion, of course, our Institution will arrange Job Assistance for students.